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Is This Pro-Life Ad too Graphic?

This is a well made and shocking ad. But CMR fave Danielle Bean wonders if it may be too graphic. Join the conversation over at the National Catholic Register:

LifeSite News reports that an anti-abortion ad produced by Priests for Life has been rejected by a Canadian television station. (The video is embedded at the bottom of this post.)

When I read that a pro-life message had been rejected for being “too graphic” I was sure this was some unfair liberal media bias being played out in the name of sensitivity. I rolled my eyes and clicked play.

But then I found the ad deeply disturbing.

It is graphic. But is it too graphic?

I don’t know.
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Barbara said...

No! What shocks is when the camera pulls away and you realize that lovely little hand was ripped off a baby in his mother's womb.
If Fr. Frank had shown a slashed face or gutted eviscera, yeah, that would shocking.
At least Fr. Frank forced those TV execs, undoubtedly pro-choice, to take a look at one of the victims of choice.

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