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Gergen: GOP had its best day in years.

David Gergen is a Dem who doesn't like Republicans. But even he who says that its conventional wisdom that Republicans are brain dead said the Republicans had a great day. Gateway Pundit has the short vid:

The Party of No – No More. Republicans finally got to present their plan to America and America liked what they saw. This dog and pony show was a huge mistake for Obama and his cronies. Republicans came to the meeting with an alternative plan that made sense. Democrats were just there for the show, and they showed that they were angry, immature, impatient, intolerant, manipulative and rude.
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Anonymous said...

No. He is not a "Dem who doesn't like Republicans."

From Wikipedia...

"Gergen has served four presidents including President Nixon, President Ford, President Reagan and President Clinton. [...] In addition to serving in the Nixon, Ford, and Reagan administrations, Gergen was also a campaign staffer for George H. W. Bush's 1980 presidential campaign. Despite his long-standing association with Republicans, Gergen has stated that he is actually an independent, and served as an adviser to Democratic President Bill Clinton, first as a Counselor on both foreign policy and domestic affairs and then as Special International Advisor to then-Secretary of State Warren Christopher."

When I watched some CNN election coverage during '08 he was one of the few people appearing on that network not completely swept up by Obamamania.

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