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Finally! The Jane Austen Liturgial Allegory

Quite clever piece from St. Louis Catholic:

If today's faithful Catholic is represented by Elizabeth Bennet, bright, hopeful and coming of age, then the liturgical forms would have to be represented by Mr. Darcy and Mr. Wickham.

Mr. Wickham is immediately accessible, loves to talk--especially about how bad ol' Darcy is-- has some initial minor flash but soon proves to be tedious and unreliable.
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Unknown said...

Oh yes, I can die now in peace! Summorum Pontificum insures me a Requiem Mass and an Austen analogy of the OF and the EF were my last two requests on my personal "Bucket List".

Oh dear, I overlooked the Holy Father Benedict offering the TLM at Saint Peter's!

Well, there's time then for one more reading of P&P. Thanks guys for picking up this post. It made for a real treat on a Sunday in Lent.

We Austen addicts can never get enough but this is so sweet it must be savored!!

Anonymous said...

I think that this allegory is decidedly unCatholic. While I find the extraordinary form of the Mass to be very beautiful, it is wrong to compare any form of the Mass to a lecherous, lying, immoral lout (Wickham). As Catholics, we are to respect the fact that both the Novus Ordo and the Extraodrinary form of the Mass are approved as valid and beautiful forms of worshiping Our Lord. -TP

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