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Feds Seek to Brainwash Schoolchildren

OK. This is disturbing. I've often said that the most damaging effects of the Obama administration will slip in almost undetected. I guess our job as bloggers it to out this kind of stuff which is what Right Wing News is doing here:

Situating a perverted creep like Kevin Jennings as the "Safe Schools Czar" is only the first step in bringing Hopey Change to primary education. Next, our liberal rulers need to pass the proper legislation to support the indoctrination of small children with homosexual propaganda. This legislation is known as HR 4530.

The ostensible purpose is to prevent "discrimination" against homosexual children. Since most children are too young to be homosexual, the real objective must be something else — namely:
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Mack said...

Depending on what Catholic source one reads, 52-53% of Catholics voted for Dear Leader and, hence, his values and his friends.

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