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Andre Bessette, CSC, to be Canonized

Fr. James Martin of America Magazine finds this "wonderful, wonderful news:"

Wonderful, wonderful news from the Congregation of the Holy Cross, whose press release I'm reprinting in full:

Known popularly as the "miracle man of Montreal," Brother André Bessette, C.S.C.-an unassuming porter who became legendary for his ministry to the sick and needy of Montreal-was formally recognized today by the Vatican as one of six candidates who will be canonized a saint later this year.
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Anonymous said...

Learning this the other day filled me with great joy. I attended a Holy Cross high school and took a pilgrimage to Montreal with a group from the school to see the Oratory of Saint Joseph and other churches there. I've long looked up to Blessed. Br. Andre because of his life as a holy "door holder."

Barbara said...

We need to pray to him for the healing and conversion of Notre Dame.

Anonymous said...

Another miracle from St. Joseph! Future St. Andre Besset, pray for us.

Lori Pieper said...

This is wonderful news! I've been to the Oratory of Saint Joseph -- twice. Wonderful atmosphere of prayer and devotion. The second time I went with a non-Catholic friend, who was quite impressed. I have a biography of Brother Andre that I bought at the shrine.

Pray for us, St. Andre, for Notre Dame -- especially Fr. Jenkins!

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