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Abortion President Strikes Again


From the blogprof, who queries:

What business does the Pentagon have stocking the morning-after pill?

Obvious answer: no one should be punished with a baby.

The Washington Post reports:

The Department of Defense will begin making the morning-after pill Plan B available at all of its hospitals and health clinics around the world, officials announced Thursday.
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Anonymous said...

When are the conservatives going to wake up to the fact that the military is but one big massive federal bureaucracy-an almost welfare with uniforms program-where only one out of every 11 military personnel is actually involved in combat?
Close the DOD NOW!

an infantry veteran

Barbara said...

Here's a quote:

Plan B, the prgestin-only contraceptive was once predicted to reduce unintended pregnancies and abortions by half. But in 23 large and population-level studies. Plan B has shown no effect on rates of unintended pregnancies. For the individual woman, its effectiveness is now estimated to be "quite substantially" lower than the 80% often claimed, and may be as low as 23%. http//www.archden.org/index.cfm/ID/2777.html
Do the military have any idea of the risk of ectopic pregnancy? Betcha someone who has a financial interest in the company who manufactures Plan B has contributed heavily to more than a few political campaigns! Disgusting!!! Write your Congresssman and your Senators and point out the harm it will do to these women and their babies - it is an abortifacient!!

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