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5 Wacky Ways to Fight Global Warming

You know. I'm starting to think that global warming isn't really about science but about pushing an agenda. John Hawkins has five of the wackiest ways libs want to Fight global warming:

My latest Townhall column is called, Five Wacky Ways Libs Want To Fight Non-Existent Global Warming. Here's an excerpt from the column,

As Americans have come to realize that the "science" behind global warming seems to mainly consist of fudging data and making doomsday prophecies in return for grant money, the wheels have started to come off Al Gore's hobby horse.

Of course, conservatives have not been shocked by this turn of events. That's because unlike far too many liberals, conservatives are actually interested in science, while the Left looks at it as little more than another institution to march through and corrupt in an effort to push their political agenda forward.
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