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Check this out at Mark Shea's and give it some very serious thought:

Now that it's extremely evident that Obama and the Dems are, in fact, lying I'm pleased to see gutsy priests like Fr. Chad Gion write:
Hi Mark-

I write asking you to pass this on to your readers.

I and a number of friends here in Mandan, North Dakota have followed the health care debate closely, watching with horror as Democrats use every trick available to get this pro-abortion bill made law. As they appear to be working to circumnavigate conference committee, it seems time is running out. We are now, after much prayer and conversation, making public our website, www.consciencefirst.org, which is a last ditch effort to thwart this leviathan. There we have published a letter to the President and Congress, promising to provide no material support to any health care plan that does not include Stupak-like protections and we are inviting others to join us. The Hyde Amendment has been the standard, and we were promised it would remain so. We are being lied to.
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Ad Abolendam said...

It's an intriguing idea, but how would it work given that most folks' income taxes are taken out directly by their employers?

paladin said...

It's possible, if you report a very large number of personal allowances on your W4 form. The average person can report 2 or 3 allowances while being perfectly honest (I'm not asking anyone to lie), and that'll lower most withholding amounts to zero, or below; I know that, if I were to report 3 (1 for myself [line A], 1 for the fact that my wife doesn't work [line B], and 1 for my wife [line C]), I'd *owe* tax at the end of the year, rather than get a return.

For unmarried: you might get 1 by filing as "Head of Household" [line E].

For those with kids (my wife and I can't have any), line D (dependents) might help immensely.

Dave said...

Anyone who wants to sign this petition, please click on my name. I will vouch for you.

Dave said...

I should clarify: please click on my name on consciencefirst.org. All you'll get here is my blogger profile.

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