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The Real March for Life

This is a beautiful video about the March for Life and the media malpractice in covering it. But it's not bitter. It's informative and quite moving. Check out Divine Ripples:

When it comes to covering pro-life activities, the US mainstream media either ignore the story or distort it. Somehow, it manipulates it to show that the pro-choice crowd is just as active and numerous. It is appalling how truth and objectivity is compromised or sold out to the sponsors. But what is mind boggling is that there are more pro-lifers now in the states and the media still sides with the minority and that does not make much business sense. There will be more interest if they reported the story fairly. But as you watch the video below you will see how there is no more journalistic integrity. Many have become part of the government propaganda machinery. But the truth cannot be hidden and it shall set people free.
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