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Rationing Against Premature Babies

You see, it's not individual life which is sacred anymore. It's some amorphous collective comfort which is sacred. Wesley Smith has this horrid story:

It’s funny: The more some Obamacare supporters deny that it would lead to health care rationing, the more it is advocated among the bioethics set and in the Medical Intelligentsia. Now, there is an explicit call to deny very early premature babies life-sustaining treatment because of the cost.
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Jennifer said...

so sickening. Our oldest child was born premature @ 25 weeks gestation.. he was given a 15% chance of survival, and we were told he would most likely end up profoundly retarded. I never saw final bills for his hospital stay, but his delivery and first two days in the NICU cost over $30k; that was 1995 dollars. Fourteen years later, he is a perfectly healthy young man. How dare "they" say that his life should not have been worth saving.

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