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Pro-Life Pin: A 1st Amendment Violation?

Wow. That's all I can say on this story at First Things. Wow.

While visiting the National Gallery of Art this past Saturday, I ran into a pair of errant security guards who have taken to interpreting the Constitution in their spare time.

I decided to visit the Gallery after attending the March for Life the day before. There was an exhibit on processes of photography before the digital age that I hoped would confirm me in my refusal to give up on film. After searching my bag, the two guards at the Gallery told me, “You’re good to go in, but first you need to remove that pro-life pin.” He was indicating the small lime green pin with the message “impact73.org” and the silhouette of a small hand inside that of a larger hand that I had attached to the lapel of my coat. The pin, they informed me, was a “religious symbol” and a symbol of a particular political cause and it could not be worn inside a federal building.
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Marilyn H said...

That's weird. I was at the National Gallery the day after the March, as well. And, in fact, I had on a March for Life pin. A guard from one of the galleries came over to look at my pin. He smiled and said, "Oh, I thought you worked here." That was it. Also, I thought it was great to see so many kids in the gallery wearing their pro life t-shirts and sweatshirts. If there is a problem, maybe it's with the art collection. All of those Christian paintings...where's the separation of Church and state??

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