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Pope: Put the Crucifix in Center

Damian Thompson asks why the bishops ignore the Pope:

Monsignor Guido Marini, Benedict XVI’s master of ceremonies, this week strongly underlined the Pope’s recommendation that when Mass is celebrated facing westwards, the priest should place a crucifix at the centre of the altar. This was to make clear that the celebrant was not “facing the people”, but facing Christ.

The Holy Father could hardly have made himself clearer on this point. So why do the Bishops of England and Wales allow the vast majority of their priests to ignore his wishes? Why do the bishops themselves routinely ignore the recommendation?
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MaryW said...

The parish in my community doesn't even have a Crucifix on the altar. I wouldn't care where the priest placed it as long as there were one. But, I do agree with the Holy Father that it should be centered on the altar.

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