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Polyamory Anyone?

Erin Manning predicts it and it comes true. Her powers of prophecy are so keen you should either read her or burn her as a witch. Your call.

From the "I told you so!" files, comes this story from the Boston Globe. It's a story of forbidden love which breaks social taboos, reconstructs human relationships, disregards traditional morality, and insists it is a brave new way. Oh, and this time it's not gay marriage:

With affairs, you get sex. With polyamory, you get breakfast,” says Cambridge sex therapist Gina Ogden, citing a well-known poly saying. Ogden is the author of The Return of Desire, in which she dedicates a chapter to affairs and polyamory. “Polyamory isn’t a lifestyle for everybody, any more than monogamy is for everybody,” she says. “Keeping one relationship vital is a lot of work, and if you start adding more relationships, it becomes more work.” Though common descriptors used for monogamy don’t easily apply to polyamory, there is a recognizable spectrum of how open these partnerships may be.
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