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Kathryn Lopez takes on Martha Coakley's absurb anti-Catholic statements. It's a great and informative read:

Fans of Grey’s Anatomy may not realize it, but the original Seattle Grace was Mother Joseph of the Sisters of Providence. In 1858, she and her sisters established the first permanent hospital in the Northwest, the four-bed St. Joseph Hospital, after traveling some 6,000 miles from Montreal.

(When I say “established,” by the way, I mean it quite literally. A historian described Mother Joseph — the daughter of a Quebec carriage maker — “striding across the ground near Fort Vancouver, Washington, hammer dangling from her belt like the sheriffs of the Old West carried their six-guns, and wielding a saw in her hand.” Similar stories from that period in our nation’s history abound, most of them recounted by the CEOs of America’s first hospitals, schools, and orphanages — all of them Catholic religious sisters.)

If Democrat Martha Coakley is elected to the U.S. Senate on Tuesday as the elected successor to Edward M. Kennedy, she might eventually encounter the statue of Mother Joseph that stands in National Statuary Hall. But Mother Joseph doesn’t belong in the U.S. Capitol, if you follow Martha Coakley’s thinking.
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John Hetman said...

If we didn't have His Eminence, the late Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, his pals, and their seamless garment of pandering to Democratic politicians around back in the 1980s, Martha Coakley would be weighing her words with a bit more caution and insight. When we needed guts we got gas. And from a lot of "Spirit of VC II" prelates and priests, we still do.

Brian said...

Bernadin never intended to trivialize or minimize abortion.

Also, I invite you to discuss this link.


John Hetman said...

Brian, you don't know that for a fact. And even if he did not intend to do it, he did just that. His Eminence did a great disservice to unborn children by flattening out moral responses to the point of including everything short of PETA demands.

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