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Mark in Spokane lays down his groundrules for who he'll root for in movies. It's a fun piece:

Ok, it won big at the Golden Globes and it is making at ton of money, but isn't anybody a bit disturbed about the success of a movie that propagates such an anti-human perspective?

I like a good story and all, but I also am a fan of humanity. If I see a movie and it's aliens vs. humans, I'm rooting for the humans. Sorry, that's just the policy of Libertas et Memoria. If the movie is humans vs. apes, I'm rooting for the humans. Nothing against apes, but I'm going to root for the humans. Now, if the movie was apes vs. aliens, I'm going to root for the apes. My default position, in the absence of humans, is to root for the Earth-team.
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Mark in Spokane said...

Thanks for linking to my post and giving me such a prominent amount of space on your own blog. I appreciate the linkage and the agreement!


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