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Longenecker: Protestants To The Rescue!

Fr. Longenecker thinks he has the answer to the priest shortage. Former protestants.

Some time ago I attended a conference for Catholic priests. As a married, former Anglican priest, I felt honored and humbled to be numbered among them. The topic of our conference was the vocations crisis, and I could not help but notice that I was one of the younger priests, and I am in my early fifties. It is not enough to look forward and say that in a few years we will have a crisis in vocations. We already have a crisis in vocations.

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Lee Gilbert said...

Sounds good to me. My son belongs to a parish in nearby Portland that has a married priest. Interestingly, it was now Cdl Levada- then Archbishop of Portland- who greatly helped him into the priesthood, visiting his family several times, etc.

He gave him a job in the chancery, where I believe he also worked summers during his four years at Mt. Angel Seminary.

He is an excellent priest and pastor, as I believe many of these men would be. As experienced as they may be, however, in many aspects of ministry, they still need the seminary formation.

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