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Ideology or Science?

Great takedown of biased science over at Dr. Sanity:

Douglas Thompson has an excellent takedown of a study published in the American Journal of Public Health (AJPH) in December 2009. The statistical analysis of the study concludes that the uninsured have higher annual death rates than the insured, and it was widely heralded as evidence that Health Care Reform is necessary to prevent these deaths. From "How 4 Deaths Became 401,309":

Co-author Dr. David Himmelstein of Harvard Medical School proclaims in an interview with CNN that for those without health insurance, "it means that you're at mortal risk." Many news outlets discussed this study, with reports of 45,000 deaths annually being linked to lack of health insurance.

Thompson then carefully and systematically analyzes the data sets and discoveres that:
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John Hetman said...

Whether one has or has not health insurance, we are all at mortal risk of death at every moment of our lives from conception to being "dearly departed". And whether one is an outstanding cardiologist, a brain surgeon, a US President, Oprah, or any silicon people inhabiting the media and entertainment...that maw or crematorium is just there...waiting...breathlessly for us.

The point as, Peter Kreeft has so well noted, is that we all suffer from terminal illness of being mortal. I might add that there were times when I had insurance and times when I did not including when my son was born.

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