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Great Story About Fatherhood

Must read of the day from St. Joseph's Vanguard and Our Lady's Train:

When I was an atheist, there was nothing in this world I feared more than children.

I feared being around children, and I feared having children more than anything. Children ruin your life and your dreams, I thought, demand all of your time and money, and are selfish, unaware, and inconsiderate. Sure, I had once been a child myself–that fact had not escaped me–but I was different in that I was especially mature and self-aware: There was no guarantee that my own children would be like me.

When I converted to Christianity from atheism 10 years ago, my fear of children persisted, but now it was even worse because, as a Christian, I knew that I was supposed to love and want children.
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Devin Rose said...

Thanks for the link Matthew! I am always honored when you mention something I have written.

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