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The Flame of Catholic Dissent Dies Out?

Is the flame of the "Spirit of Vatican II" theologians flickering out?

Mary Daly, a retired professor at Boston College who was probably the most outrĂ© of all the dissident theologians who came to the fore of Catholic intellectual life in the years right after the Second Vatican Council, died on Jan. 3 at age 81. Back in the 1960s and 1970s, which might be called the golden age of Catholic dissidence, theologians who took positions challenging traditional church teachings—ranging from the authority of the pope to bans on birth control, premarital sex, and women's ordination—dominated Catholic intellectual life in America and Europe. They seemed to represent a tide that would overwhelm the old restrictions and their hidebound adherents.
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John Hetman said...

What Charlotte Allen doesn't say is that paradoxically the success of liberal Catholicism would relegate the Church to being a kind of progressive Roman Anglicanism...effectually dead as a faith. Mary Daly chose to become a well-paid, well-established kook.

Orthodox Catholics, on the other hand, have a broken-glass commitment to Christ and His Church, and many now are young, well-educated, and with large families. I would not bet on any liberal Democratic Catholics actually dying for their faith. Because there really is none.

But I would bet that almost all orthodox Catholics would savor such a fate as a grace personified.

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