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Father Z Notices Newsweek's Bias

Father Z notices Newsweek isn't really playing the March for Life straight:

I am watching the live coverage of the March For Life in Washington DC.

As I watch I have in my mind an article I read in the appalling Newsweek.
Who’s Missing at the ‘Roe v. Wade’ Anniversary Demonstrations? Young Women.
Krista Gesaman

Today is the 37th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court case legalizing abortion, and droves of women are prepared to face rainy weather to support their positions during the annual Washington, D.C., demonstrations. But there will be one major difference with the demonstration route this year—it’s shorter.
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John Hetman said...

There are a number of so-called news publications that ought to have "PREJUDICE ALERT!!" in large day-glo letters posted on their covers and front pages. Newsweek is one of the most prejudiced mainstream publications against orthodox Christianity in circulation. Which is why it is among the many sinking ships out there in the mainstream print media. And a fine reason to avoid reading it and having to buy more antacid mints.

SherryTex said...

They could try GOING to the March for Life, they'd see buses and buses of young people.

The Radio in DC was awful too. They talked about how Your Commute will be hurt by an "EVENT" or there's a March but with no further content. IT was Not mentioned. It was not discussed even on the Conservative radio programs of which there are two big stations.

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