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Did CNN Go Too Far?

Fr. James Martin has some very important questions about media coverage of the disaster in Haiti. He questions whether CNN went too far in some respects. As a former journalist I think Anderson Cooper did great good for Haiti by covering the rescue of that young woman under the rubble and being intrusive because it brought the tragedy into the living rooms of Americans who can help. But while I think he did good I worry about what it does to Anderson Cooper the individual and the hundreds of reporters covering the story. The line between being objective and detached is not a clear one and it's a danger for journalists.

CNN has had the best coverage by far of the Haitian earthquake. The network, and its reporter Anderson Cooper, who was apparently one of the first journalists to enter Port-au-Prince after the earthquake, is to be greatly commended for bringing this immense human tragedy into our living rooms. As he did with Hurricane Katrina, Cooper brings an articulate and human perspective to these terrible events (and is also not afraid to show human emotions). One of the most moving aspects of CNN's coverage has been their focus on the way that the earthquake affected the poor, as well as their anchors' frequent descriptions of Haiti's overall poverty before the earthquake. Sometimes it seems as if we only remember the poor during a tsunami, a hurricane or an earthquake.
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Anonymous said...

cnn? Can't think of anyone I know who pays any attention to cnn. Why would anyone turn to cnn or any of the msm for information. If one wants fair and balanced reporting, FOX is the way to go.

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