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Charlotte's Adoption Story

Charlotte at Cheeky Pink Girl writes the story of her adoption and her rediscovering her biological parents. It's quite extraordinary and I'm increasingly addicted to each installment. Check it out.

My Mom and Dad got married in 1967, having met at a major Wisconsin university. Because they were at a school that was infamous for civil rights protests and other hippy-era type social and cultural manifestations, they claim that they always felt open to adopting a child. You know, the whole service to your fellow man kind of thing that started to bloom on 1960's campuses.

Soon after they got married, my Mom experienced a miscarriage. And not long after that, she had a stillborn child (a son). This experience was very hard on my Mom, and as a result, my parents decided to go forward with their previous resolve about adopting a child.

I don't know why they chose Catholic Social Services, but I suppose the fact that my Mom was Catholic had something to do with it. Also, by that time, they had moved to northern Wisconsin, very close to Green Bay, where there was a regional Catholic Social Services office.
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Charlotte said...
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Charlotte said...

Thanks for the link! But you forgot to mention the high level of Catholic intrigue in the story! Ha!

I just put up installment #4 and have more to write.

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