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Bible Verses on Guns?

There's been some outrage about Bible verses on military weapons. Fr. Longenecker isn't only ok with it. He asks if isn't that exactly where we want them:

The issue of Jesus guns reminds me of the sniper in the film Saving Private Ryan. The boy is from the deep South and quotes verses from the psalms as he pulls the trigger. "Bless the Lord my Rock, who teaches my hands to war and my fingers to fight."Click. Bang. Pop goes the weasel.

It has been suggested that gun sights should not feature Bible verses and weapons should not carry religious encouragement. The gospel, we are told, is all about love. That's right, and at the end the loving person gets tortured and crucified naked in public, while his buddies deny him, run away and one hangs himself. I'm afraid the the gospel is not all puppies and kittens and Jesus carried me on the beach when I only saw one set of footprints.
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Dymphna said...

Where have you been? The verses have been there for 23 years.

Michael Hirsh said...

Sadly, the company is now offering to remove them.

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