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America Mag Awards Rowan Williams

Diogenes is brilliant. You've got to read this. It's so snarky I had to take a shower after I read it. But it's so right on:

"You must go to the place from whence you came, there to remain until ye shall be drawn through the open City of London upon hurdles to the place of execution, be hanged and let down alive, and your privy parts cut off, and your entrails taken out and burnt in your sight; then your head to be cut off and your body divided into four parts, to be disposed of at her Majesty's pleasure."

With those words Queen Elizabeth's Lord Chief Justice dispatched the English Jesuit priest Edmund Campion to his death at Tyburn. The year was 1581. The charge was treason. Campion himself was unruffled by the verdict: "It was not our death that we ever feared. … The only thing we have now to say is, that if our religion do make us traitors, we are worthy to be condemned; but otherwise are, and have been, as good subjects as the Queen ever had."

St. Edmund Campion, martyr, lives on as a model of cheerful, gutsy, devout intelligence disciplined toward the single goal of recovering and rebuilding Catholic churchmanship where it had lain in ruins. I was amused and delighted, therefore, to learn that the Jesuit magazine America announced that it will give its 2009 Campion Award to none other than Dr. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury.
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Marilyn Heller said...

I thought the best comment on this boneheaded award was Donald McClarey at the American Catholic blog. He said that modern Jesuits had the charism of being "impervious to irony." Quite.

WingletDriver said...

I'm not sure where Curt Jester gets off on Calling Williams a ditherer and implying that he can't make a decision. Why, when Lambeth was burning the esteemed Williams did not dither, much less fiddle. When the entire unity of his religion was in time of turmoil, he wrote a book of poetry. And let's not forget how his latest book on Dostoevsky has single-handedly shored up the sinking ship of Canterbury faster than any team of boatsmen could bail. Not satisfied with merely benignant neglect of his office, Dr. Williams took to the ether to support Sharia law; thus protecting all of Anglia from uncovered women's hair as St. Paul warned us against.

I cry "Faugh!" to you Curt Jester for your failure to realize the brilliance that is Williams's leadership or whatever else it may be called.

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