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All Need To Know: Pat Robertson's Stupidity

Peter Wehner says all that needs to be said about the stupidity that is Pat Robertson.

Sometimes in the midst of a tragedy like the one we have witnessed in Haiti we see acts of enormous compassion and sacrifice. Other times we hear words that are wholly inappropriate and offensive, not to mention just plain wacky. Such is the case (yet again) with the Reverend Pat Robertson. Yesterday, on The 700 Club, Robertson said this:

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paladin said...

That man must be mentally ill. I see no other explanation...

Pax Christi of Bakersfield, CA said...

An insensitive remark that apparently is based on a myth to be sure, but does anyone doubt that Haiti seems more cursed than other countries? And could the fact that practically all of its people have been engaging in voodoo practices be asking for trouble and losing God's protection? One of the visionaries who was involved in the church-approved apparitions in Rwanda thinks that could be possible. I think much good will come out of this and hopefully Haiti will no longer be, as National Geographic described it in an article, a nation "possessed by voodoo."

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