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Alito Says "Not True" During SOTU

Must watch video of the day at Hot Air:

He’s on the far left of your screen, seated to the right of Sotomayor. Politico’s calling it his Joe Wilson moment.

When you hear the president of the United States demagoging the First Amendment, you sit there and you take it, son.
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Barbara said...

Justice Alito must have been in shock. Foreign corporations are still prohibited from contributing to campaigns. "You lie!" would have been the most accurate ejaculation but Justice Alito and the other members of SCOTUS have a sense of decorum. They know what is due to their own office and that of the presidency - even if Obama doesn't. What and where did the man think he was? I'm still in shock at such contempt for members of an other branch of our government. Get thee back to a Chicago ward - where they're familiar with such behavior?!

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