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Kathryn Lopez writes that liberals are seeing Bart Stupak as their Herod:

Liberal feminist Democrats are as mad as hell and they’re not going to take it any more. That was their angry-in-Planned-Parenthood-pink message on Capitol Hill during their anti-Stupak lobbying day last Thursday.

As we approach the Christmas season, Bart Stupak was their Herod. The pro-life Democratic congressman from Michigan had authored an amendment that would keep abortion out of the Democratic party’s health-care revolution. The amendment is a protection against taxpayers’ money being used to finance abortions. (So, ironically, this “Herod” isn’t killing the youngest; he is saving them.) But for these angry women — and some fellow-traveling men — the hopes and dreams and singular obsession of the feminist revolution are on the line: the Supreme Court–issued right to an abortion.
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