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Shea On Darwinism

Mark Shea proves that miracles are real. Over 2500 words and I didn't shout at my computer screen once! Mark Shea, in a magnificent post, puts into words better than just about anyone my views on Darwinsm and Intelligent design. Truly the veil is thin here.

Scholars Aim to Disprove Darwin

Good luck with that.

Me: I'm highly skeptical that they're gonna land any punches that overthrow the basic arguments for stuff like an old earth and some sort of evolutionary growth of life on earth over the past 3 billion years or so. But they are welcome to give it their best shot. I don't have any religious faith invested in the theory of biological evolution, so I don't think skeptics about it are heretics who need to be silenced and shouted down as monsters, fools or wicked people. If somebody is wrong or dubious about, say, quantum mechanics or special relativity (which likewise present us with claims about the universe that are a bit hard to comprehend or swallow), the answer to their dubiousness or confusion is not "SHUT UP!"

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