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Pope Blocked Cardinal from House of Lords

Something about priests in elected office always make me a bit wary. So it looks like the Pope agrees with me. Yes! Damian Thompson has an intriguing story about this issue:

Pope Benedict XVI personally turned down Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor’s request to be allowed to accept Gordon Brown’s offer of a seat in the House of Lords, according to a report today by Paolo Rodari, one of Italy’s leading Vatican commentators.

Rodari, writing (in Italian) on his blog Palazzo Apostolico, says the Cardinal wanted the honour, and that Vatican permission was regarded as a “done deal” until recently. But the Holy Father, after consulting several cardinals, chose to “stop the Cardinal on the threshold of the House of Lords”, as Rodari’s headline puts it.
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eulogos said...

Since the Church of England is an established church, and its policies, and historically even its theology, was determined by the Queen/King and Her/His Majesty's government, how can a Roman Catholic Cardinal be part of Her Majesty's government?

Rome has said no to priests who wanted to be in politics in South America in order to help the oppressed masses there, or so they believed. In this country, Fr. Drinan was made to give up his congressional seat. The church can't very well then allow a prominent Cardinal to sit in a secular legislative body, can it?

Susan Peterson

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