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Nelson Attacks Pro-lifers. Again.

Ben Nelson doesn't know when to quit:

Senator Ben Nelson is quickly digging himself into a hole from which he may never recover by continuing to attack pro-life advocates. In a new interview, he does that and also pledges to vote against the final health care bill if his already-compromised abortion language is watered down further.

Nelson brokered a deal with Senate Leader Harry Reid to include minor limits on abortion funding that don't truly ban taxpayer funding on abortion in exchange for becoming the 60th vote for the pro-abortion bill.

Since he announced the deal, every major pro-life group and the nation's Catholic bishops have denounced the language as forcing taxpayer funding of abortions.
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Brian Thompson said...

It is not a "pride of authorship" thing. The question is whether and how federal money is used to subsidize abortion, either you do or you don't ban federal funding. Period.
Pro-life people are mad because he compromised in a way that fails to ban federal funding of abortion, which is the present goal. Indeed, I am a fan of simple powerful language in legislation, and so an even more succinct version of the Stupack amendment or whatever wording you want I would support. But if the end result is not the result that the pro-life supporters desire, of course they are mad at Sen Nelson.

Denise said...

What astounds me the most is that Nelson is flat out lying that his language does prevent taxpayer-funding of abortion. His trying to make prolife group criticism into a "he said/she said" standoff is a complete dis to voter intelligence. However, it was successful for Obama (he called himself "prolife").....

Jerome said...

Senator Nelson must be angling for the ambassadorship to Lower Moldavia. Because that's exactly where his political career is headed.

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