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Jesuit In India Appeals for Help

I know times are tight but every little bit helps:

My Jesuit friend Fr. John Deeney, whom I visited in India last year, has asked for our help so that the The Jamshedpur Province of the Society of Jesus may build a proper school for the tribal children in the town of Pandabir, West Singhbhum, Jharkhand. The current state of the church/school is most inadequate, as the pictures above indicate. The schools set up by the Indian government in the long neglected tribal regions are subpar, and according to my friends there -- are simply glorified baby-sitting services. As in any country the best way to break the cycle of poverty, in my opinion, is through education.

While many of us have felt the pinch of the recession remember that a donation of just $50 equals 2,221 Rupees -- and that can go a long way in India! So please don't feel that smaller donations won't help... they will, and will be greatly appreciated.
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Matt & Patrick:

Thanks so much for posting the link!

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