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Cries for Population Control

Does anyone think we're even a decade away from planetary population control being considered at the highest levels? Jonah Goldberg details the latest disturbing call for stopping all those darn babies from being born:

One of the simultaneously heartening and dismaying aspects of the Obama era is how it demonstrates that bad ideas never, ever, ever, die. They can go into remission, to be sure, but the the bacillus lives on. Via Drudge, I just read this hideous call for a planetary one-child policy.

I don't have the time to go through all of the arguments why Diane Francis's supposedly brave truth-telling is disgusting and idiotic, but the good news is that I'll have plenty of opportunities in the future!
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John Hetman said...

On the slippery slope again, we will go from mandatory abortion to euthanasia of the elderly, disabled, and chronically ill to...yes...selective extermination of whatever populations, e.g., political, religious, social class, are deemed expendable for the sake of the preservation of the gifted, the wise, the healthy, and those functional sheep that support them.

How soon? If not defeated now, much sooner than we could ever imagine. Evil only gains force if not immediately resisted.

What we read from a nutty columnist in Canada is in the minds of many at Copenhagen...and surely not banished from the serious thoughts of the Gores and Soros' or the world.

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