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The Acid Reflux of the Questioning Church

If you want to know who's winning just check who looks angry. The Catholic Thing thinks so anyway:

There is so much good news in the Church these days that it is hard to know where to start. One could tick off half a dozen cases, including the visit of Barack Obama to Notre Dame, which became the occasion for seventy bishops to issue public condemnations. Amazing.

But let’s look at all the good news through the dyspepsia of the Ever-Questioning Church. I hesitate to call them the Left because that is a political category, and I don’t want to call them heterodox, though many of them are. Let’s give them benefit of the doubt. For the Questioning Church, there are no settled questions. Everything is up for endless and oh-so-thoughtful debate. And just now the Questioning Church is in a tizzy. No, a howl. They are fuming. And cranky.
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