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Winning with Marriage

We keep being told that conservatives must ditch their views on abortion and gay marriage in order to enter the mainstream but last week an amendment banning federal funding of abortion passed and 40 congressman are currently protesting but doing it anonymously. And last week Maine voted for traditional marriage. So why should we be giving these issues up? Kathryn Lopez has more:

Opposing gay marriage is a loser of a position. That, at least, is what everyone seems to say, all along the political spectrum. Everyone, that is, except voters.

Maggie Gallagher, president of the National Organization for Marriage, has been my personal political hero for the last few election cycles for her tireless work in defense of the institution of marriage. It’s a bit of a thankless task. Those who adamantly disagree with Maggie are angry and hurting, and they frequently lash out. Those who agree frequently just want to leave the issue to Maggie and not think about it. But, in various iterations, she has been at it for decades now. And she does it eminently well — that is, with reason, and compassion, and knowledge. And she knows it’s about more than simply disagreeing with the gay activists. It’s about rebuilding an institution that has been neglected, abused, and underappreciated. It’s about re-teaching what a precious gift true marriage is. And it’s about settling and codifying a definition that is at the core of human civilization and the very lives of children.
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