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Why Gay Marriage Affects Everyone

Excellent article from The Catholic Thing:

Election night: a good night for the conservative party, with the voters in Virginia and New Jersey evidently registering a rejection of the Obama Administration and its works. But one could watch even FOX News all night, as I did, without learning that something momentous was taking place in Maine. By a margin of 53-47 percent, the voters in this now most liberal of states, would overturn a law passed by the legislature to authorize same-sex marriage. Homoerotic marriage has been imposed now in several states through the judgments handed down by courts. Only in three states – Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine – have legislatures voted to make same-sex marriage legal. This was the first time that a decision of that kind could be submitted to the voters, and once again the people at large weighed in to preserve the institution of marriage.
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Craig said...

First, he compares gay marriage to incest then goes on to say if gay marriage is legalized then it would somehow be more illegal to discriminate against gays because of religious beliefs and how terrible that would be.

This guy is a law professor?

William said...

A man was fired because he didn't want to congratulate a woman on her same sex marriage.

This isn't about discrimination against gays, this about making it illegal in this country to not believe in something.

If we aren't allowed to not believe in something, then we aren't really being allowed to believe either.

Glad you don't get that, it proves just how dangerous this is all getting. Cheers.

Craig said...


I get it. The guy was fired because he felt compelled to tell the woman she was a sinner leading a deviant lifestyle. Because of his lack of self-control, he managed to lose his crappy job of several weeks at an airport Brookstone store. I imagine he will continue to lose jobs in this manner until he learns to be tolerant of people who are different from himself.

** said...

By legalizing same sex marriages, the government actually demonstrates that it is not a legitimate authority to marry any persons in the first place.

Same sex marriages, exemplify profoundly the truth that civil marriage is merely a contractual legal construct. It has never been more than that, despite efforts to make it appear so.

A civil staffer wearing a costume, witnessing signatures, and proclaiming the enactment of the contract, contributes nothing to the binding of two persons into one. It's empty ceremonialism with no real power.

Matrimony however, is exactly the opposite.

Brian said...

It's time to play devil's advocate.


Stormfront says that interracial marriage was imposed by librel courts. Stormfront says that believing in race is now illegal. Stormfront says that government is now going against centuries-old traditional concepts of race.

How is this different?


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