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USCCB to Endorse Obamacare?

This would be terrible news because in the end, no matter what happens with the Stupak amendment, a federal healthcare plan will cover abortion. Hot Air has more:

Consider this a pre-update on a post that I was writing about Catholic conscience exemptions. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops had opposed the Pelosi plan because of its federal funding for abortions. Now that Pelosi has allowed the Stupak amendment to come to a vote today, a rider that would more forcefully ban any federal funding for abortion coverage, the USCCB has announced that it will endorse the Pelosi plan, according to Politico:
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Steven P. Cornett said...

We must pray the shepherds of our souls are not so lackadaisical as to allow the leftist inmates underneath them to sell out our birthright as a free nation for the mess of pottage called the Stupak Amendment.

Maybe they ought to call it the Trojan Horse Amendment. Think they'd get it, or would they support it then?

RMT said...

If you look on American Papist, there was an update to this story. The news media reported that the bishops signed off on health care without abortion, but then had to correct. What the USCCB was really signing off on was the Stupak Amendment.

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