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Some interesting thoughts and good writing from Miriel Margaret:

I’m on a plane right now, somewhere between Detroit and Denver, heading back from Thanksgiving break for the last three weeks of the residency portion of my fellowship. When I left Michigan, the sky was covered by what my friend Dan likes to call The Cloud—this is more accurate than saying “the sky is cloudy,” since all you can see is gray from one horizon to the other—but now I’m above the clouds and the weather is lovely. (Evidence of my grammar-Nazi-ness: the first time I wrote that last sentence, it read “now we’re above the clouds,” but then I realized that might make it sound like Dan was flying with me, which he certainly is not. Pronouns with unclear antecedents will do that to you.) I fly pretty often and I’m always torn about where to sit. Aisle seats are much more practical and I usually get more work done when I’m sitting in them, but nine times out of ten I end up choosing to sit by a window. There’s something about seeing the world from the sky that the seven-year-old in me has a hard time passing up.
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