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Students Buying Better Grades?

Is this what it's come to? This kinda' shows that educating students might be secondary to money. John Hawkins has the disturbing story:

No matter how much money we pour into the school system in this country, we get incessant complaints that the schools are underfunded. Worse yet, we hear gripes that teachers can't get the supplies they need to do their jobs.

Yet, nobody ever seems to ask the basic questions: Does pouring more money into a school system actually improve performance? Moreover, given the incredible amount of money we're spending per pupil, how is it that teachers can't afford notebooks and tissue paper? Is the eternal quest for more money about the kids or is it about catering to the teachers' unions? If private schools can do a better job of educating kids for much less money than these public schools, shouldn't we concentrate our efforts on getting kids out of public schools and into private schools via vouchers?
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