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Scandal: Archbishop Gregory and The CCHD.

Michael Hirsh reports

Every year around Thanksgiving, the USCCB pushes for a special offering for an organization known as the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD). A year ago, one of the nefarious practices of the CCHD was to fund an organization by the name of ACORN. Because one of the vows that I took was to work for the purity and the peace of Christ's Church, I wrote my Archbishop and proposed that he use this special collection to make sure that any money collected was used for licit purposes. He responded with – what they call in seminary – gobbledy-gook.

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Anonymous said...

I checked my diocesan website today and found the flier for the collection, as well, although I did not see any additional information. I immediately sent an e-mail registering my concern. I think we can all do that.

Wayne said...

If what Bishop Gregory has said is true, then what is the hang up in supporting the CCHD today? What other nefarious organizations is the fund supporting? And where can I find such a list?

Michael Hirsh said...

Umm . . . Wayne,

The answer to the question you pose can be found in the piece that I wrote and/or following one of the several links that provides that documentation.

In addition, the video link near the end summarizes the many evil activities that CCHD continues to fund: like abortion, contraception, same sex marriage.

Hope this helps.

Michael Hirsh

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