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Road To Heaven Is Through The HelpDesk

Sheila Liaugminas reminds us that there is nothing that puts our Christian virtues to the test like an unresponsive HelpDesk. I think even Jesus would have been turning over tables if he got dropped after being on hold for hours while his blog is down.

I was tempted to call this post ‘Purgatory’, but that seemed sacrilegious.

Just hung up the phone after wasting another two hours of life with a computer company for what would have been a really simple question, had somebody there taken the time to hear it. If I were a humor writer, this could be a great little book. Not an article, a book. It’s been weeks of technological meltdown that finally seemed to be over when, a few days ago, a technical expert spent eight hours straight (after an accumulated stretch of hours and days and weeks of really, really unbelievable problems and multiple other technical specialists spending time on it) finally reaching ‘The Great Breakthrough’ and delivering all systems to ‘Go’ and green-lighting the way forward.

Until I tried to record an mp3 for radio commentary, which I do every single day. No go.

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