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Rep. Steve King on Abortion in Healthcare

Pro-life congressman Steve King gives a great interview to John Hawkins concerning the healthcare legislation and abortion funding. King is very clear about what's happening:

What follows is an interview done, via email, with Congressman Steve King.
Will the healthcare bill winding its way though Congress fund abortion?

Absolutely. H.R. 3962 includes the Capps Amendment, adopted by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which authorizes direct taxpayer funding for abortions under the public plan. It will be left to the discretion of the Secretary to determine whether the public plan includes abortion. Nothing under the current bill restricts the public plan from covering abortion. Given Sec. Sebelius’ unfettered support for abortion, and given the President’s own statements that “reproductive health” would be central to his health care plan, we know that abortion will be covered under this government plan, and your tax dollars will then be used to reimburse for abortion services for the first time in decades.
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