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Nuns Resisting Vatican

Seems we might have a bit of a standoff here:

Most US women religious are failing to comply with a Vatican request to answer questions in a document from Apostolic Visitator, Mother Angela Millea.

Leaders of congregations, instead, are leaving questions unanswered or sending in letters or copies of their communities' constitutions, NCR Online reports.

"There's been almost universal resistance," said one women religious familiar with the responses compiled by the congregation leaders. "We are saying 'enough!' In my 40 years in religious life I have never seen such unanimity."

The deadline for the questionnaires to be filled out and returned to the Vatican appointed apostolic visitator, Mother Mary Clare Millea, was November 20.
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paladin said...

Ugh. I don't know what was worse: reading of the disobedience and prideful defiance of these "unified sisters" (can I take a guess and say that the median age of "defiant sister" is over 55, and that the vast majority of them do not wear veils, or even habits?), or the incoherent and heterodox comments in the cathnews.com comment box!

Funny: the orthodox orders (which are also being visited) don't seem to be squawking...

William said...

Come on, Paladin. It almost took their whole lives for "the man" to come a callin'.

We should be happy these old hippies finally got their "Blessed be, sisters!" moment.

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