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Need Another Reason to Homeschool?

Warning! Some explicit language here. But this is the kind of madness that our children in public schools face. (And probably some Catholic schools too). Right Wing News has the video. It's pretty shocking:

In the video below you will see the mother of a Massachusetts public school student, an 11 year old girl. The mother is testifying before the "Joint Education Committee in support of the David Parker Parents Rights Bill (H406 – written by MassResistance) and against the Planned Parenthood compulsory sex-ed / homosexuality / abortion counseling bill (H3434) – both of which would affect children in the public schools."
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Sarah said...


If this continues (into the time when my child/future children enter school), I think my kids are going to have the "Sex-Ed" flu every year.

Mike in CT said...

In saner times, such things were found only on bathroom walls and those caught doing it were suspended from school. How times have changed.

It's disgusting to see what schools have become.

Win said...

I'm horrified! But unlike the title of your post, I don't need another reason to homeschool, as if all the schools are evil and all our children are at risk... We need to support and magnify the school programs that are getting sex-ed right!

Mike in CT said...

"We need to support and magnify the school programs that are getting sex-ed right!"

As in, not doing it?

RobKPhD said...

Mike in CT has it right.
I wouldn't send my kids to public school, particularly in the PRMA
or the PRCA (where I live).

You even have to be careful at the Catholic schools - so I get why people home school.

Anonymous said...

Cleary there is great good in an educated society. America has benefited greatly from public education.
That she has benefited from public education, though, ,does not render public education a good thing.
The video demonstrates an unpredictable but unsuprising result of the decision, many decades ago, to place the education of our society's children in the hands of the state.

Mack said...

Need another reason to VOTE in all elections, including the neglected school-board elections?

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