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Kathryn Lopez on Prejean

Kathryn Lopez discusses the importance of Carrie Prejean:

Where have all the feminists gone? Sure, they’re everywhere to be seen when it comes to the matter of Nancy Pelosi’s health-care legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives, insisting that American women should have the right to end their unborn babies’ lives on the taxpayer’s dime. But there is no love for a beauty queen who simply gave her opinion, when asked, during a beauty pageant. Since then, she’s had a target on her chest. It’s been a shameful exposé of what’s important to feminists.
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Sarah said...

Excellent article! It was interesting how she mentioned the UK newspaper the Telegraph. I'm not sure what Brits think of this newspaper, but I've found many of the most honest and incisive commentaries and news reporting from their website on the big breaking news stories. Funny how bad the news has become over here- we have to go to Britain to get honest reporting!

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