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The Idol of 'Woman's Experience'

New Oxford Review on Catholic pro-abortion feminists:

This month marks the 25th anniversary of the notorious full-page advertisement in the October 7, 1984, New York Times, in which nearly a hundred Catholics, including some two dozen nuns, tried to boost the presidential campaign of Democrats Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro by claiming that there is a "diversity" of lawful opinion about abortion inside the Catholic Church. When the Vatican objected, many of these nuns played a cat-and-mouse game with Rome for nearly two years. In A Just and True Love, a collection of essays published earlier this year by the University of Notre Dame, Sr. Anne Patrick, S.N.J.M., states that twenty-two of the sisters held out until they were able to "clarify" their views "in a way that both their consciences and Rome could accept." She adds that they managed to "retain community membership without backing down from their claim that signing the statement had been appropriate in view of the situation in the United States at the time."
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Kate said...

In this day and age, Catholics are facing attacks from all sides - the government, other religions, and even Catholics from all ranks. And it is sad. :( I pray that Catholics who dissent from the teachings of the Church would be finally enlightened and submit to the authority of the Church.

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