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Hollywood vs. Heroes

Really insightful interview with Barbara Nicolosi about why Hollywood's liberal mindset corrupts the stories they tell:

Hollywood vs. Heroes
Salvo magazine has a very insightful interview with film critic Barbara Nicolosi (cleverly titled "Character Assassination") about "why the franchise hero has all but disappeared from Hollywood":

What’s the difference between a hero and a protagonist?

A good protagonist is simply one who is pushing the story events to happen; he doesn’t have to be a hero. Actually, no one in the movie business these days wants to say that his film has a hero. When you’re in pitch meetings, it’s considered quaint—and not in a good way—to talk about heroes. What you connote with the term “hero” is that some people are better than other people, and that’s not fair. Rather, it’s mean and judgmental. How dare you imply that? How dare you say that Patton was better than Goering? He wasn’t better. The two men just found themselves in different situations.
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