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Fr. Pavone on Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life writes about the important work of crisis pregnancy centers in the Philadelphia Bulletin:

One of the most encouraging facts about the pro-life effort in our country is that there are far more pregnancy resource centers, over 2,300, than there are abortion mills, about 740.

The centers used to be called “crisis pregnancy centers” and were often advertised with the promise of “free pregnancy tests.” Now, the more common term is “pregnancy resource centers” (PRCs), and the range of services provided goes far beyond pregnancy testing and includes the services of fully licensed medical clinics.

Moreover, these centers do not just operate on their own with the support of their local communities. Rather, there are large well-organized networks of pregnancy centers, united by a commitment to professional standards of care, expert training programs and joint efforts to make sure everyone knows exactly where to turn for alternatives to abortion.
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Anonymous said...

In Baltimore, the City Council has a bill on tap whereby the Pregnancy Centers (the good guys)must post a sign that says 'We do not provide abortions or contraceptives.' Plus, if they do not comply, they would face a fine of 500.00 per day. Great, huh? I'm sure that in fairness, the Planned Parenthood Abortion Centers would be forced to post a sign that says 'We care nothing for pregnant women, we provide no alternatives or support of any kind. We just destroy babies in their mother's wombs, collect the dough and them show them the door. door afterward.'

Rick said...

I think that sign is to keep people who originally planned on getting an abortion from going in then become informed about things that will change their minds and have the pregnancy instead. Obviously, the abortion industry does not want their potential customers to make an informed decision. That speaks for itself.

Craig said...

I expect Fr. Pavone's next love letter to be directed to the many secular federal and state-sponsored programs to which PRCs direct pregnant women to, including:

Local Health Departments
Legal Aid
Head Start
State Children's Health Insurance Program (S-Chip)
State Health Departments
Women Infants & Children (WIC)
Department of Job and Family Services

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