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Do Not Listen To This Woman!

Rachel Balducci is spreading vicious lies about my beloved Diet Coke. Do not read her story! I repeat, do not read her story.

My long, crazy love affair with Diet Coke began over eleven years ago, when I was pregnant with Elliott.

I had gained 45 pounds when pregnant with Ethan, thanks in large part to my great love of Sweet Tea, and when I found out I was pregnant again (a year later) I decided I would just skip that part of the pregnancy, the part where I ingest vast quantities of sugar. I had miraculously gotten that weight off before Ethan's first birthday but I could not gain like that again.

So I started drinking Diet Coke. That's when it all began. And I only gained 25 pounds that pregnancy. Me and Diet Coke were meant to be.

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Rachel said...

Dude. I'm gonna have to enter the witness protection program now!

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