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The Church of Secularism

Erin Manning writes about the church of secularism:

The proponents of secularism pretend that secularism is the only logical, neutral way for a state to be. The state, according to a secularist, can't approve of religion or even give the impression that it thinks that religious or moral values are generally something to respect or encourage. Any positive recognition that a state gives to any religion is, in a secularist's mind, a violation of the rights of non-religious citizens; thus a state must insist that every appearance of religion be removed from public institutions.
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John Hetman said...

Anyone who watches "The View" has either the courage of Frodo on Mount Doom or is brain dead. We could end terrorism tomorrow by subjecting those caught in plotting or committing acts to a week of continual reruns of "The View". Those ladies are straight of a Wes Craven closet.

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