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CCHD Debacle Continues to Grow

James Todd at Pewsitter sums up the problem very well:

In the 2009 funding year, the Catholic Campaign For Human Development (CCHD)awarded approximately 250 grants totaling almost 8 million dollars. When you open the summary funding document provided on the USCCB website and begin to peruse the grantees it doesn’t take long to arrive at a couple of conclusions.

The first is that many of these organizations are involved in community organizing. The second impression is many of these organizations espouse the mission of peace and justice. While it would be a mistake to paint all justice and peace organizations or all community organizing groups as bad or undeserving of funding, the philosophical underpinnings and track record of these types of organizations does not inspire confidence. Quite the opposite, it raises red flags...
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nan said...

Our parish collected for CCHD LAST Sunday. Clever,that.

Pax Christi said...

I'm going to leave a message for CCHD via a coupon that others can download and print here: http://www.reformcchdnow.com/coupon/coupon.pdf

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